Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Out of the mouth of babes...

Ok so for starters forgive the horrible lighting...it bothers me but I just had to share this funny moment with you!
Today Tate asked to play with the barn and the people and animals that go with it...and then Tucker decided that he was having a teething moment, I guess, so he saw the sheep and instead of reaching for it to put in his mouth he took a dive with his head and voila in the mouth it went! He crawled around for the longest time without touching the sheep just doing his thing ya know! It really was hilarious!Photobucket
The picking it up technique!
Got it so now he's off and crawling up the stairs!
And now it's decision time...the sheep or the horse the sheep or the horse! And the sheep wins again!
Haha! Funny huh? Hope you enjoyed! Have a blessed night!