Saturday, February 7, 2009

The New John Deere

Here are some new pics! The first ones are of Tate trying to work out with Robbie and I with the bands. He didn't quite get the idea hah! The next two are out of order but Tate successfully put Lamar's diaper on and after that he got him changed into his outfit for the day! I know it's funny but he really is good with babies, kind of sweet! (By the way, Lamar was my baby doll when I was little!) And then the last pic was from today, we finally were able to make it over to the John Deere store in Fishers to pick up Tate's last birthday gift! A new John Deere backhoe. SO now I think it's official we will be moving out one of our cars for two John Deere motorized tractors for a little two year old! Oh the joys of Grandparents haha! Gotta love it! Well, Tate is loved we know that for sure! Have a good night!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

New Pics

Here are some pics from this weekend and week! We had warmer weather (warmer for Indiana in the winter=43 degrees) so Tate saw that as an opportunity to take our his "John Dee" as he calls it that he got for his birthday! We also took a family walk, something we haven't done it seems like since November! We also finally got to go swimming at the Y as a family! I try to take him at least once a week to swim he loves it so much! All the way home from Michigan he said "pool, pool"! He loved that Daddy got to come this time (It's Robbie's busy season at work)! Hope you enjoy!

I jumped on the bandwagon...

Well, hello all! I finally did it...I broke down and decided to go to the blogging world! I am sure that I have no clue what I am in for! But today I am at home with Tate, who is sick, instead of at school with 25 of the busiest little Kindergarteners so I decided I would do it! Hope that this blog can be another form of communication for family and friends and to share our family with yours. Be prepared for some photos of Tate on my new camera that was the greatest Christmas surprise yet!