Saturday, April 25, 2009

He's a cutie!

This is the little guy that gives us so much joy! Tate has been sick since last Sunday, vomiting, fever etc. It hasn't been an easy week but he is so tough. Today we were in the ER for the second time this week. We went to Medchek first but then they sent us to the ER right away. Tate has now unfortunately learned how to say ER! Scary! I watched as he got stuck 6 times trying to get an IV in him. The nurses thought I was an emotional mess...oh wait, I am...because I kept crying as he got stuck and screamed out ouchie, off, no! It was quite a sucky time! Well, we are at home and Tate continues to rest and be a trooper! This little guy teaches us a lot about being tough! He's great and he keeps us going! Hope you enjoy this pic from his Easter egg hunt! By the way, for all of you praying for our family as we deal with the loss of our baby, thank you. We really covet your prayers and appreciate your support and understanding of all our emotions and needs!
Robbie, Holly and Tate

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