Thursday, October 15, 2009

Baby Boy #2

Today we had our ultrasound for our baby. Robbie, Tate and I all went and it was so fun to hear that we are having another baby boy! Tate looked at the ultrasound lady as if she was saying nothing new because he had already decided he was having a baby brother and guess what, he was right! The baby is measuring a little big (about a week) which was similar to Tate but everything looks great they told us. We are so excited and feel a big relief to know that the baby is healthy. So here are some pics from today!
His nose looks exactly like Tate's did in the womb!

Yes we found out about a minute into the process that it's a boy he wasn't being shy!

I love this picture of his spine, he kept moving around the whole time arching his back and chest it was quite funny.

We are so excited to meet this little one in March! Love you buddy!

P.S. Robbie is quite excited to be growing his sports teams!

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