Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Look who's Four!

How can it be that my precious first-born is 4 today? What a blessing you have been to us Tate! I remember when we found out that we were going to have you...after 7 short months of being married we found out that God was blessing us with a sweet baby...and then a few months later we were able to call you by name! And then u came to us 2 weeks later than we planned which happened to be the day after Thanksgiving...just like you to come in your own sweet time!
And then you've continued to grow up on us...and what an adventure it's been! You are always keeping us laughing and smiling and sometimes we get to see a naughty face...only sometimes though!
We often get the comment..."oh he looks just like his brother" when people meet Tucker! Here's a picture (Tate on the left, Tuck on the right) guys look a lot a like but you are definitely your own personalities.
You have a thing for ears...which cracks us up! You tell us what our ears feel like...sometimes they feel like silkie (your blanket), sometimes milk, sometimes Mommy or Grammy, or sometimes a Strawberries 'n Cream from Starbucks hahaha!

Yesterday we went for a swim and I asked you who your best friend was...your reply...drumroll please...Mommy hahaha can I freeze that moment? And then you said Daddy too! You have always loved your Daddy in a very special always say you want to be big like Daddy. Even this morning you woke up very confused as to why you were four now but still not big like Daddy.
Oh man, I know it will feel just like that though. You will wake up one morning and be a big boy so let's not let it go so fast this time! We love you Tate William! Thanks for allowing us to learn all kinds of things as we go, for loving life so much, for always being tenderhearted and showing us a little glimpse of the true joy God wants us to have! You are our sweet baby no matter how big you get! Love ya buddy! This song from Revive is one of my favorites right now..."Slow down before today becomes our happens in a blink it happens in a happens in the time it takes to look back!" Happy 4th Birthday Tate, Tater, Tbug, Tater tot, Tater Salad, Bug...We love you!

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