Thursday, February 5, 2009

New Pics

Here are some pics from this weekend and week! We had warmer weather (warmer for Indiana in the winter=43 degrees) so Tate saw that as an opportunity to take our his "John Dee" as he calls it that he got for his birthday! We also took a family walk, something we haven't done it seems like since November! We also finally got to go swimming at the Y as a family! I try to take him at least once a week to swim he loves it so much! All the way home from Michigan he said "pool, pool"! He loved that Daddy got to come this time (It's Robbie's busy season at work)! Hope you enjoy!

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Stephanie Balvin said...

I am so glad you started a blog, it really is the best way of staying up on people's lives. I LOVE the header. Tate is adorable.

We are without a doubt going to MI this summer, it would be fun to see you all there. The boys would have fun playing together.