Monday, June 7, 2010

Big Week!

Hello all I can't believe it's been 10 weeks since I've posted! Tucker's going to be 13 weeks tomorrow, let's just say it's been busy getting used to being a mama of two, but also wonderful! Tucker is a very sweet, happy content little guy he really only cries for 3 reasons...poopy diapers, wants to eat, or wants to sleep (swaddled and in his own bed by the way haha)! Tate really loves his little brother he always wants to kiss or hug him and is always trying to find a little friend for Tucker to have! Tate loves to have Tyrone (from the backyardigans) so he feels Tuck needs a friend, in fact we kinda have to watch him because I'll go in and Tucker will have like 3 friends in his bed with him, so sweet! Anyway, Tucker turns 13 weeks...I turn 27 and Rob and I celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary! What a wonderful week! We feel very blessed with what God has blessed us with... 2 amazing boys and much more...we've learned a lot since day 1 and are so excited to see what God has in store for the rest of our journey! I thought I would leave u with a few updated pics of the boys!

Tucker having tummy time with his blankie of course! He's a blankie boy already!
Tate playing in the rain! We were all coming in the house or so I thought then I turned around to find Tate playing in the rain! So fun being 3!

I love these two! Robbie was comforting Tucker see that pout in the first pic and then it slowly turns into tears and drool awww poor guy...for the record he was tired haha!
Tuck's 1st swim!
Happy at the pool!
Relaxing...yes those are gDiapers! We have started cloth diapering and really love it actually it's a lot easier than I expected and very cost effective for us!
And of course Tate loves to swim and has done a great job with his floaties and we are hoping he learns a little more about how to swim on his own this summer! He's still a happy boy too!


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The Stultz's said...

Love the updates! That picture of Tucker in the pool with the bucket hat on looks just like Tanner. He's getting chunky! Love it.
We hope you guys have a great week and can't wait to see you Friday for some Birthday festivities!