Sunday, August 29, 2010

a snapshot...

Yes I have to say sometimes as a mommy you are just plain exhausted! That's been me this week! But then I remember they are only little once right! They will only be able to sit on my lap and laugh for a little I'll take the restless nights and enjoy cat naps and snuggle while I can!
Here is a snapshot of a few of my favorite people...
Tuck helping me out at the computer!
Tate being silly and trying to get in the same basket as Tucker!
Tucker's first try at food on his 5 month birthday (which he loves)!
We celebrated Tucker's 5 month birthday! The cupcake is a little squishy but that's a 5 on there hehe!
Tate's very interesting in "what number" Tucker is! So he's putting up his 5 this month. It was quite funny because when Tucker was 3 months he loved that they were the same number. So when I was explaining that he wasn't 3 months anymore but 4 months and then 5 months it was a rough day for him haha! I guess he thought they'd be at the same number for awhile!
And last...we finally got to meet Dave! We were driving home from my Pawpaw's funeral and decided we'd try again to see if we could catch Dave. (We stopped on our way to Florida a few weeks back and missed him!) So we stopped had several of Martha's famous "free" cookies and a chocolate covered strawberry and got this picture with Dave! We were excited! Gotta love the face from Tate! This is the man who encourages us (even when Robbie breaks his hood release on his '91 Buick Regal and spends 4 hours trying to get his hood to pop so that he can refill it with oil during his routine oil changes on the cars) when Robbie says I don't care I'm going to go buy a brand new car! Then we listen to Dave and get a little reality check and we're all better! Haha! Well, on that note as I said before I'm exhausted and so now I'm heading to rest! Happy Sunday!

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