Monday, September 21, 2009

Hockey Night in...Fishers

I guess in our attempt to enjoy the season of fall that's coming soon, and Tate's eagerness to "play hockey" we decided we would take Tate to the Forum for a little skating lesson. He woke up on Saturday morning and as usual we put his little undies on since we are in the midst of potty training and he decided he wanted to have his "hockey shoes" as he calls them on. So Rob laced them up and got out his hockey helmut and entertained the little fellow. But I guess that wasn't good enough as later that day we ended up at the ice rink. Me being pregnant I decided to stay off the ice and take some pics! Tate was really excited to say the least. He stepped on the ice and within the first minute he fell on his bum and told us very cleary "done." Well, as you know the time it takes to get an almost 3 year old anywhere much less in warm clothes, hockey skates and helmut we knew we couldn't give up there. So after Robbie rode him around the rink on his belly as Tate says Tate decided with a little motivation that he was ready to try again. It ended up that we had to offer some concession stand popcorn to get him to come off the ice. He had a great time and I loved watching them. I think Tate's favorite part was going in and out of the bench!
Can you see how excited he is?
You'd never believe how long it took him to learn how to do thumbs up! So here's 2 thumbs up!
Aren't they cute?!
Looking pro!
Checking Tate into the boards haha!
Tate's favorite: the benches!

How's that for hockey hair!
I know aesthetically this pic is not perfect but I think it's my favorite! Something about the scratched glass and Tate behind it that I love!

Good night!

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