Monday, September 14, 2009

A short trip to the Dells...

We were blessed to get away to Wisconsin Dells this weekend with my family. Jamie and Melissa usually go every year for there anniversary and this year asked us to tag along and we were certainly happy to do that! Tate was very excited to say the least, water parks, hotels, and being with family! Here are some pics from our trip!

Melissa and Tanner enjoying the water park!
The boys!

Uncle Juice and Tanner!

Taking Tate and Tanner down a water slide!

Jamie and Melissa's Anniversary Dinner at Marketplace Buffet where we had great crab legs!
My boys with there beautiful green eyes!
Robbie and I!
Uncle Juice and Grammy!
Grandpa and Baby Nanner! (That's what Tate calls him!)
Blowing bubbles on our walk by the river!
Robbie asked him to look up at him for a picture and Tate of course noticed the moon! He tries to find it where ever we go!
Climbing the rocks happily!
Family Pic! Tater has a silly face without his eyes open!

Well, I know it's a lot of pictures but I haven't posted in forever so maybe that makes up for it!

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